The Penalty Box

Page 44: Five-Minute Major for confusing Dale Purinton with Eric Cairns 

It takes a big man to admit his mistakes. We are very, very big men.

Celebrating the Past, Present and Future of New York Rangers Hockey

It's bound to happen. Despite repeated viewings by a team of skilled wordsmiths, the occasional typographical or factual error slips into the published book. At 356 pages and almost 90,000 words,

100 Things Rangers Fans Should Know & Do Before They Die is no exception.

But, rather than hide behind a litany of excuses, we're going to use this page to accept full responsibility for our brain cramps and, more importantly, to set the record straight.

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Page 28: Two-Minute Minor for crediting the Rangers with a 4-1 win over Toronto in Game 2 of the 1971 semifinals. The Rangers lost that game, 4-1.

Page 65: Two-Minute Minor for missing "e" in "Sexiest." It's amazing how one letter can completely change the meaning of a sentence, isn't it?